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There is no doubt that you and your loved ones will be soaked in fun and excitement at Tinapa. The variety of fun things include Amber Tinapa, the premium hotel of choice for men and women of distinction. Exquisiteness and Class oozes out of every single one of the Hotel’s 242 rooms. Amber boasts of facilities and services which are nothing short of world class. Located in a breath-taking environment, Amber’s beauty extends from its exterior right to the interior.
With a team of highly professional experts in the world of hospitality, Amber Tinapa is an experience worth having. Overlooking the Artificial Lake in Tinapa is the the Fisherman’s Wharf which comprises a food court as well as some pubs.The Tinapa Games Arcade is the ideal place to treat the kids to pure and undiluted fun. From diving into the exhilarating excitement of the Ocean Bomber, to keeping up with the fast pace of the Mini Basketball, the kids can slide straight over to a game of Ice Hockey and take control of the Dodge-em cars. Once in this world of fun, it will be a bit of a challenge to want to leave.The Tinapa Waterpark is an invitation to experience unequalled family fun in Tinapa’s scenic environment. The Waterpark comprises adult and children sized pools, exciting water games, breath-taking slides, a Lazy River, a Wave-pool – surfer’s delight as well as other exciting attractions.
In addition to these, you can have your choice of beverages and also try out our local delicacies for which Calabar is famous.The Ultra modern Tinapa Film Studio located within the Tinapa Free Zone & Resort, provides first class production and post production support services to both local and foreign film, television and music producers using the best equipment available in the industry.

For more info:Contact: +2347038982498 or +2348034175376 or +2347041780853  |  Email: amber@tinapa.ng.com


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